How to Take Better Iphone Photos

How To Take Better iPhone Photos

Ever since iPhone came out on the market, the photography was taken to a whole another level. Having a smartphone with a built-in camera revolutionized the photography and made it very easy for everyone to take photos on the move. The size of professional cameras makes them less convenient than owning an iPhone for making pictures, because people usually have their iPhones all the time with them. With all good things and benefits that come with these great smartphones, people from all over the world started experimenting with iPhone photography. The following are some advice on how to take better iPhone photos.

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Tips for Making Better iPhone Photos

  • Be aware of the limits of your camera.

Always have in mind that the photographs you make with your iPhone will be of lower quality than those you make with a professional camera. Usually iPhone photos are smaller in size and cannot be printed in big formats. Also iPhone camera is not designed to provide best quality in low-light settings, so if you know this in advance you will successfully avoid situations where making photographs in best quality is not possible.

  • Avoid using the zoom option of the camera.

Although all smartphones today have a built-in option for zooming photographs, it is not recommendable to use that option. The reason for this is because as soon as you start using the camera zoom you will immediately notice increased pixelation of the photograph you take. A much better thing to do is to get your iPhone very close to the thing you are photographing and use the zoom option only if it is an absolute must.

  • Hold the iPhone steady.

When you start using your iPhone camera, you will naturally want to take photographs by using only one hand. A good advice if you want to make better iPhone pictures is to hold your iPhone in a same way like you hold a professional camera. That way you will be more stable and will make sure that the photographs you take will be clear and crisp. For best possible results, make sure you hold your arms as close to your body as possible, bend the knees softly, and then lightly press the camera button by using your fingers. 

  • Make a few experiment shots.

One of the best things regarding digital photos is that you can take as many photographs you want before you pick one that you think it is the best and that you like the most. You can make pictures from a few different angles, just make sure that your camera is focused and that you hold the iPhone steady. Do not delete the extra photos you make, because  those photos that you think are not best when you take them outside may actually be very good photos if you look them on the monitor of your computer.

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  • Keep the camera lenses clean.

Although this is understandable, many people still forget to take care of the camera lenses and clean them properly. Just think about all the places where your iPhone has been – pockets, bags, purses, car, home, everywhere. You sometimes may use the camera while eating or your children may touch and smear the lenses accidentally. Cleaning your iPhone camera lens can make a big difference when trying to make a better photo.

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  • Be aware of the light.

Same as taking photographs with a regular camera, light is essential for making great iPhone photos. Situations where there is a low light or trying to make photos in a darker room can cause your photos to become pixelated and grainy. A good thing to remember is to always try to take pictures with the sun being behind you and the subject you are trying to take picture of. This tip will help you take a well lit photograph which will look very nice on your computer screen.

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  • Try different photography apps.

Although the iPhone comes with a built-in application for the camera that does not mean that you should not try other camera applications. There are dozens of different photo applications out there, so make sure you try several before you find the one you think is best for you. Have a little fun and experiment with different applications. Use all the advantages that come with the iPhone and soon you will start making better photos.

As we can conclude, there are numerous positive characteristics of using your iPhone camera. The convenience and portability of the iPhone makes it well worth using it for making all kinds of photographs. In any case, remember that there are a few limitations and pay attention to smaller details if you want to improve your iPhone photos. That way you will be able to take great pictures in no time.