Creating Abstract Photography


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when the word photography is uttered? Perhaps something abstract, intangible and non-objective- that’s what is photography all about.  Concrete photography captures visuals, emotional equipments and isolated fragments, photographs primarily stage unreal appearances of real objects, also it involves great use of hues, light, textures, shadow or shape in order to convey certain sensations and feelings.

Photo credit: Dylan Howell

An amateur in photography ought to concentrate on the amount of abstraction present in his photographs such as capturing fury of nature, beauty, wrath and other such related features.

There are various books and prints which enlist the ways of creation of ”abstract photography”, some anchor you to create non-representational imageries with the help of peeling paints, cameras and films. Many critics and photographers have attempted in formalizing this kind of photography without being able to come up with a concrete definition for this.

To create abstract images during photography, here are certain things that you require to keep in mind:

  • It must not depict realistic images as in documentary photography.
  • It must not represent staged images taken during depictive photography.
  • The captured images need not take recourse to views like in demonstrative photography.
  • The primary idea regarding abstraction in photography is to establish visibility.
  • Likewise, it should be able to abandon characters related to media and achieve as well as gain object character.

If you are a passionate aspiring photographer, you would definitely want to refer to and check works of Sir John William Draper who created abstract images with a spectroscope which would disperse rays of light into a non-recorded visible pattern.

It’s immensely essential to interrogate your perspective and abstraction embedded in realism while creating photography.

Abstract photography is also based on the eyes of the photographer as he has capture something which he does not actually see; having said that, patterns, lines, shapes and colors are the key elements to make an image engaging, a picture that bears a visual appeal. This form of photography is also about breaking rules of ideal photography and not abiding by the principles.

Certain methods of getting used to abstract photography are enumerated below:

  • While you are approaching an object, decide on how you would like to represent the image along with its surroundings.
  • The object needs to be approached from different angles, correlating colors and so on and then will it be ready to be perceived and represented by you.

The following is an abstract image and it can be interpreted in various ways but different photographers.

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The amount of abstraction need to bring out aspects like patterns, textures, amount of proximity, color and tonal variations, hard lights, symmetry, layering and reflection, overlapping, motional expressions and depth of field.

If you wish to ace in photography, you ought to check that the viewers get the real essence of the image and understand the emotion implied because the subject needs to come second after seeing especially during the creation of abstract pictures.

Capture happiness and make the world better place with your innate creations!